Windows are interesting objects: they enable viewers to either look out of something, or into something, depending on where the viewers are situated.

A window is a means to escape, both literally and metaphorically. We can escape a boring situation by looking out the window, like in a waiting room, a dull class, or a prison cell. We can escape danger or captivity by going out of an unguarded window.

Windows are also dangerous, like during a hurricane or in a war zone: one must stay as far from windows as possible. Windows have also been used to kill, and there’s even a word for that: defenestration.

The word window is also used metaphorically as a means of observing and learning about something (Oxford Dictionary), like when we say that the eyes are the window to the soul. 

Dark clouds are ominous and symbolize impending doom, the sense of which is often a burden for people living with anxiety disorder.

When you look at this image of dark cloud-like shapes behind a window, are you inside looking out or outside looking in? Are you warm and protected from the elements? Is the storm coming or is the world burning? Do you sense a menacing fate?

Or are you looking into someone’s soul?